Our juicehouse


BirchLagoon juices are produced using the best mechanism to bring out the best.

The juices are manufactured by us by hand, starting from getting the water from the forest to marketing the product. We have put all of our best skills and knowledge there. We do it with all our heart and heartfelt joy, because our work is our hobby!


Getting the birch water

We collect birch water from the spring of 2015. The birch water is usually collected from the end of March and usually lasts 2-3 weeks - depending on the year. We collect the birch water with modern means that are ecological and do not endanger the environment. The devices come from the USA and are specially designed for this purpose. All equipment for collecting birch water is certified and complies with organic production requirements.

In 2017, we collected birch water using a system of hoses. We connect trees with hoses and lead it into a large tank via a closed system, which keeps the birch water clean and in great quality. We transport the water from the forest to a cool storage space, where it is stored until the bottling procedure.